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La Rubionna – A+ Temparament and Appearance, endless Possibilities

La Rubionna aka Rey is a 16.1 h., dark bay, registered Oldenburg mare. She was awarded with the premium medal at her Oldenburg inspection.
Her sire Rubignon (by Rubinstein) is a very successful dressage competitor with numerous Grand Prix wins, nationally and internationally. Rubignon’s dam is by the famous Donnerhall. Rubignon, Rubinstein, Donnerhall – three generations of Grand Prix and international performance!
Rey’s dam, Light my Light, is an approved Jockey Club mare with famous Thoroughbred bloodlines. She was a winner at the track, is now a children’s horse with a wonderful sensible temperament.
And Rey has that same kind temperament which makes her a perfect partner for an amateur or even a child.
She has superb ground manners and is very affectionate. She is super easy to handle and not only her temperament, but also her looks make it a pleasure to be around her. She has an elegant, dark bay coat, an expressive head and a well proportioned conformation, representing the modern riding horse type.
Rey is also very convincing for an amateur under saddle. Although only “green broke” she is far enough along for a four year old. She has three solid and balanced gaits. She is easy to sit and handle. She is not spooky, good in trails and shows some potential over jumps.
Rey is suitable for lower level dressage and very interesting for hunter/jumpers, maybe eventing or just as an all-around pleasure horse.
Rey is owned by her breeder, who is very motivated to sell.

Ardent Pleasure – Athletic, reliable and fun

Sold – Congratulations to Alex and Meghan Dayka, Tollhouse, CA


Ardent Pleasure is an exceptional 2003 17 h. grey Dutch WB/Thoroughbred gelding.
His sire is the KWPN stallion Avenir, by Patrick. Patrick was the foundation of today’s Dutch Warmblood in the U.S. and competed successfully as a dressage horse. In 1999 he was listed in the Top 10 stallions list published by the USDF. Ardent Pleasure’s dam, a Thoroughbred mare, is a Seattle Slew granddaughter.
Ardent Pleasure combines presence, athleticism, excellent ride ability and an amazing, kind and intelligent nature. He has three correct and very competitive gaits. Ardent Pleasure’s impressive show record includes scores up to 86% in his USDF 4-year-old tests, several scores in the 70′ies at Training and First Level, scores in the upper 60′ies at Second Level and had just recently his debut in Third Level with a score in the 60′ies. He always received 7′s or 8′s for his gaits. Ardent Pleasure is definitely an FEI candidate, his temperament is well suited for a junior or amateur and his quality will satisfy a professional rider. He is truly a schoolmaster at his level. Ardent Pleasure is not only a star in the dressage arena, but also in the barn. He is a very personable horse with excellent ground manners. Ardent Pleasure is super on trail rides, by himself and with other horses. He loves his daily turnout. Ardent Pleasure is healthy and sound with no vices. A complete current set of pre-sale radiographs is available. His current owner bought him from his breeder in 2007. He has been consistently in professional training.

Benjamin Albert -Talented Prospect with Hanoverian Bloodlines

Sold – Congratulations to Janna Dyer @ Dark Horse Dressage, Rocky Ridge, MD


Ben, is a 2008, 16.1 h., chestnut, registered Hanoverian gelding. Ben’s pedigree includes impeccable Hanoverian and Westphalian bloodlines: His sire, the Hanoverian stallion Bordeaux by Bolero (in the two still pictures), was the Reserve Champion of his 100-Day Performance Test. He had the highest dressage index in the testing and he proofed it right by being well known as a highly successful FEI dressage horse. Ben’s grandsire Bolero has become a symbol for the modern riding horse and a producer of upper level dressage horses. Ben’s dam is out of the remarkable Grande, who is the producer of numerous horses excelling in dressage and jumping. Ben’s maternal grandsire, the Westphalian stallion Parabol by Paradox I, was Reserve Champion of his stallion licensing in Oldenburg and won his 100-Day Performance Test. He was a successful Grand Prix dressage horse with several national titles and year-end awards. Paradox I, largely credited for modernizing the breed, bears a very solid jumping production record.
Ben offers a solid conformation and turns heads with his beautiful color and interesting markings. He has three well-balanced, comfortable gaits, with a spectacular trot. He came to our barn as a green broke horse only a little over a month ago. In those few weeks of full training we have discovered his super ride ability and high quality movement and we are amazed by the progress he has made. With a few more weeks of consistent and correct training he should be ready for Training Level dressage.
He has learned good ground manners in just a few weeks, loves attention and tries hard to please.
Ben is best suited for an ambitious amateur, for a calm and confident rider. He is also interesting enough as a “project horse” for a professional.
The fact that Ben is very green for his age is reflected in the reasonable asking price.

Classico – Imported Hanoverian Upper Level Schoolmaster

Sold – Congratulations to the Hopkins Family, Dallas, Texas


Classico is a 1997, light bay, registered and branded Hanoverian gelding, standing at 17.1 hands. His current owner purchased him as a young horse from his breeder in Germany. Classicos pedigree offers some of the finest Hanoverian and Holsteiner bloodlines: Classico is out of the Hanoverian stallion Crazy Classic, by the Hosteiner Calypso II out of the world famous Holsteiner stallion Cor de la Bryere. Classicos dams side includes the popular Gotthard, Ferdinand and Wendekreis bloodlines. Classico is a very stunning and impressive gelding, with a gorgeous head and neck and comes in a beautiful color. He has three pure and correct gaits with an outstanding canter. He combines super basics and good ride ability. His amateur owner showed him from Training Level through Prix St. George throughout the years. She earned her Bronze Medal on him and qualified for multiple Regional Championships through Third Level. Needless to say that Classico has confirmed changes and half passes. He is a real charmer with a puppy dog mentality, good ground manners and excellent on trail rides. He truly is a rare to find upper level schoolmaster!

Dauntless Debonair – 2012 Registered Oldenburg NA and Weser-Ems Riding Pony

Sold – Congratulations to Helen V. Frederick, Asheville, North Carolina


Dauntless Debonair is a 2012, 14.1 h., buckskin registered Oldenburg NA and Weser-Ems riding pony.

Dauntless is by the award winning Oldenburg stallion Dynamic. Dauntless’ sire’s pedigree includes outstanding German bloodlines such as Dynamo, Don Carlos, Waldfrieden and Sender, all top producers for dressage and jumping horses.
His dam is the Welsh Section B mare Posh Lottie Da who is a registered Premium Mare with the Oldenburg NA and a Gold Premium mare with the RPSI. She received 8′s and 9′s for conformation and type at her inspection and she definitely put a stamp on Dauntless: he has a beautiful head and an elegant well-set neck, a compact and correct conformation with substantial feet and bones.
Dauntless has three pure and competitive gaits with natural cadence and plenty of suspension. He is very athletic, intelligent and fun to work with. In the fall of 2015 at the young age of three years he had his show debut and proofed his outstanding ride ability and that he is a fast learner: he scored in the 70′ies at Introductory Level and in the mid 60′ies at Training Level.
With his excellent manners on the ground and under saddle he is the perfect partner for a small adult amateur or even a child.
Dauntless is healthy and sound and has absolutely no vices.
He is still a stallion. If necessary his owner will include the castration in the purchase price.
The owner’s personal situation forces a quick sale, shipping costs within the US can be negotiated.
Flashy looks, superb temperament and great potential for a reasonable asking price.

Diva – Imported Hanoverian mare – Excellent schoolmaster

Sold – Congratulations to Rebecca Eaton, Galt CA


Diva is a 1998, 17.2 h., bay, imported, registered and branded Hanoverian mare. Her sire, Davignon, was reserve champion of his stallion performance test. Davignon is out of Donnerhall, one of the best dressage stallions according to the German Federation’s estimated breeding value statistics. Diva’s grandfather on her dam’s side is the Anglo Arabian Matcho AA, who has been purchased by the Hanoverian State Stud as a refinement stallion and won his stallion performance test. Diva’s pedigree includes other outstanding German bloodlines such as Werther, Pik Bube I, Wendekreis, top producers for dressage and jumping horses.She is registered in the Hanoverian Main Studbook and has the Elite Mare status with the American Hanoverian Society.

Diva has been successfully shown through fourth level by her amateur owner. She earned scores in the upper 70′ies in First and Second level, scored Third and Fourth Level in the mid 60′ies and has won several High Point Awards. Her outstanding show record includes the CDS AA Third Level Reserve Championships in 2009 and 7th place in the USDF Horse of the Year standings the same year.

Diva has a wonderful disposition, she is easy to ride and she has extremely competitive gaits, which are comfortable to sit.

Diva is stunning in appearance. She has wonderful ground manners and is very personable.

Diva is also a proven brood mare. In order to obtain her Elite Mare status her owner bred her in 2004. Her son, Ricardo, is successfully showing with his amateur owner in Southern California.

Diva is a schoolmaster at her level. Truly an ideal amateur mount!


Larken True Legacy – A+ Temperament, perfect partner for an amateur.

Sold – Congratulations to Kathleen Harjees, Annapolis, Maryland


“Larken True Legacy” aka “Lily” is a 2012, 14.2 h, registered Welsh Cob mare by Derwen True Grit.
Legacy has a correct conformation and three pure and powerful gaits. She is elegant in appearance with an expressive head and beautiful eyes.
Legacy combines athleticism and super rideability. But most important is her wonderful and kind temperament on the ground and under saddle. She is very personal with excellent ground manners. Although she has only been under saddle for less than five months you could let a child ride her, she has no vices at all.
Besides she is a fast learner and she has a great work ethic: we started her last fall “from scratch” and within six weeks she walked, trotted and cantered under saddle. The pictures and videos have been taken June 15, only on her third day back in full training!
She is very well suited for a smaller adult amateur in a training program and she is a good prospect for a child.

Lucero Del Alba – 2012 Andalusian cross mare. Looks, temperament and talent in one package.                                                                                             Sold – Congratulations to Helena Bajunovic Orme, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Lucero Del Alba aka Lucy is a 2012, 16 h, grey Andalusian cross mare. She is registered both, half Andalusian and half Connemara.
Lucy has already been successfully shown through First Level with a third place in the 2016 Oregon Dressage Society’s Futurity.
Lucy is super talented for dressage as well as jumping, uncomplicated and safe to ride and handle and she is, without doubt, easy on the eyes.

Nosreme Apollo – Pony Power, a small adult or child’s dream

Sold – Congratulations to Kathy Boeddiker, Wilton, CA

Nosreme Apollo is a 2007, 14.2 h., black Welsh Cob cross gelding out of North Forks Black Earl, who has the same sire as North Forks Cardi. North Forks Cardi and his rider, trainer and owner Jessica Wisdom made international headlines, winning the 2014 US Dressage Finals Grand Prix Freestyle Open Championships and winning third place in the Grand Prix Open Championships. The pair impressed the judges and the audience with their powerful yet harmonious performances. Apollo’s dam is an Arabian mare who has been ridden and shown dressage.

Apollo is registered with the American Warmblood Society and the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America. He is branded American Warmblood.

Apollo has been shown in-hand as a three year old, won reserve champion in-hand national pony awards and received a five star recognition for receiving 75% or higher in-hand with the AWS.

Apollo has an A+ temperament, competitive gaits and super ride ability. He is very athletic, intelligent and he is fun to work with. Although he hasn’t had much time under saddle, he is already shooling some second level movements. He is also very talented over jumps and a pleasure to ride on trails. His ground manners are excellent.

Flashy looks, superb temperament and great potential in one package. THE perfect kid’s pony and interesting for a small adult.
Current pre-sale exam available.

His owner is very motivated to sell so he is very reasonable prized for all the good qualities he has to offer.

Pleasantstone Bronte – Beautiful Welsh Cob Mare, North Forks Cardi’s bloodlines

Sold – Congratulations to Roxanne Ridey Kilbey, Bellevue, WA


Pleasantstone Bronte, a 2005, black, 14.2 hands Welsh Cob mare coming up for sale.

Pleasantstone Gabriella – 2014 mare by North Forks Cardi. The future is Her’s.

Sold – Congratulations to Reba Wagner, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Pleasantstone Gabriella is a 2014, 14.1 h, dark bay, registered Welsh Section D mare.
She is sired by one of the most popular stallions in the Pacific Northwest, North Forks Brenin Cardi (second last picture in the slideshow). Cardi and his rider, trainer and owner made international headlines, winning the 2014 US Dressage Finals Grand Prix Freestyle Open Championships. The pair impressed the judges and the audience with their powerful yet harmonious performances.
Gabriella’s dam islet of North Forks Black Earl (last picture in the slideshow). Earl won people’s hearts with his appearance, temperament and superb ride ability and he passed those qualities onto numerous of his offspring, many of them successful performance horses in various disciplines.

Gabriella’s father and grandfather have clearly influenced her: she has the looks and personality you could ever hope for. She is elegant in appearance with a beautiful head and a well rounded stallion like neck. Her conformation is correct with a well proportioned frame. Gabriella has three solid and powerful gaits.
She loves to learn and work with you. Within only two weeks after being separated from the herd she grew up in she learned to walk, trot and canter relatively balanced on the lunge line. She has already had a saddle and bridle on and has been introduced to a light contact using long attached Vienna Reins.

She cross ties, trailers and baths. She is 100% healthy and sound.

Her chic appearance and super temperament make her a horse for an amazing future going in any direction: dressage, jumping, eventing or even in-hand driving.

She is the perfect prospect for a small adult or even a child.

Gabriella is still owned by her breeder.

Get this hard to find young horse candidate now. Her asking price will increase when she will be started in the spring of 2017.

Ricardo – Outstanding Hanoverian Gelding

Sold – Congratulations to Laura Preisler Just, Los Angeles, California


Ricardo is a 2005, 17.1 h., bay, registered and branded Hanoverian gelding. His sire Regazzoni is an Elite Hanoverian stallion by Rubinstein I. Regazzoni was the overall champion of his stallion performance test, with the highest dressage index out of 54 stallions. Ricardos mother, the Elite mare Diva, is out of the reserve stallion performance test champion, Davignon by Donnerhall. Diva has been successfully shown through third level by her amateur owner. Ricardos pedigree includes other outstanding German bloodlines such as Werther, Angelo, Romadour II, Matcho, Pik Bube I, Wendekreis, top producers for dressage and jumping horses. Ricardo himself has been successfully shown by his amateur owner through first level with scores in the 70ies and several high score awards. He is qualified for the 2011 CDS Championships. Ricardo is ready for second level and schooling half passes and changes. Regazzoni, Ricardos sire received 10s for his rideability and disposition and high scores for his movements in his stallion performance test and he has definitely passed those qualities on to his son: Ricardo has a wonderful disposition, he is easy to ride and he has extremely competitive gaits. He is a perfect amateur mount or interesting for a professional. Ricardo is super on trails. He also shows a lot of potential over jumps. His ground manners are wonderful. He is currently in full training and he is for sale by his breeder.

Rock Star R – Looks, Talent and Premium Bloodlines

Sold – Congratulations to Elissa Dresden, Boulder, CO


Rock Star R is a 2009, black, 16.0 h, registered Swedish Warmblood mare. Her pedigree reads like the “Who’s Who” of famous dressage horses and producers of sport horses in history: She is out of the Hanoverian stallion Rapture R who is by the Rubinstein I son Rotspon. Rapture Rs dam is a Donnerhall granddaughter. Rapture R has been successfully shown through Grand Prix. Her dam is out of the Swedish Warmblood stallion Vivaldi who has been shown successfully through Intermediate I. Rock Star combines looks, athleticism and a fun personality. She represents the modern type of riding horse with a pretty head and an elegant well-set neck. Although smaller in size, her compact and well proportioned conformation makes her appear larger. Rock Star has three pure and correct gaits with natural cadence and plenty of suspension. She has very good ground manners and is a pleasure to ride and handle. Rock Star has only been in professional dressage training for two months and its fun to watch the steady progress she is making almost every ride. With consistent correct training she will certainly be ready to show Training Level this season and she is schooling all First Level movements. She has been schooled over small jumps and is very careful, clever and athletic at it. She is also good on trail rides. Rock Star is the perfect partner for an ambitious amateur or Young Rider and interesting enough for a professional. Current, clean pre-sale exam performed April 29, 2015. She is offered for sale by her breeder, who is very motivated to sell because she has to downsize.

Rose Royale – Imported Hanoverian mare – Rohdiamant granddaughter

Sold – Congratulations to Louise Karon, Jacksonville Oregon


Rose Royal is a 2001, dark bay, 16 h. registered and branded Hanoverian mare. Rose had been purchased at the 2006 Verden Elite Auction and she was imported to the US by her current owner. Rose combines the finest Hanoverian, Oldenburg and Westfalian bloodlines: She is a Rohdiamant (by Rubinstein) granddaughter. On her sires side she also carries the famous Grundstein II and Akzent II bloodlines. Her dam is a Fruehlingsball daughter out of a Pilot mare. Rose has had a successful career as a jumper, but is currently in professional dressage training, schooling all second level movements. She already has her flying changes. Rose is a real athlete: powerful mover with natural elasticity and flexibility. Although smaller in size, she has a lot of body. She is compact and gives you a comfortable feeling as soon as you are in the saddle. She is a very kind and personal horse, with super ground manners, easy to ride and handle. She is healthy and sound. Rose had one foal before she was imported to the US.

Roxy-Ann – Westphalian Mare. Incredible Amateur Mount

Sold – Congratulations to Faith Koschmann, Silverton, Oregon


Roxy-Ann is a 2002, 16 h., grey, registered and branded Westphalian mare.

Her sire is the Westphalian stallion Hit out of Hirschberg and her dam is the Trakehner mare Rodina by Untario.

Roxy-Ann is elegant in appearance and has a friendly and intelligent personality. She has three pure and correct gaits.

Roxy-Ann has been successfully shown through First Level by her Junior owner. She is schooling all Second Level movements. Besides she has been used for 4-H and High School Equestrian Team in various disciplines. She has been schooled over jumps and is extremely careful and athletic.

Roxy-Ann has very good ground manners and is super on trail rides.

She is in excellent health, up to date on dental care, worming and vaccinations. But she has a mild right lameness, which only showed up after a flexion test during a vet exam.

Her current owner bought Roxy-Ann from her breeder in 2008. Roxy-Ann has been in professional training ever since. Her owner is leaving for college and is looking for a new, terrific home for her.

Sedona PRLA – 2009 Beautiful and talented Andalusian cross mare
Sold – Congratulations to Georgianne Nienaber, Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

Sedona is a grey, 2009, 14.2 h, double registered Andalusian cross mare.

Sedona’s sire, the Lusitano stallion Piloto do Top has been shown very successful through Grand Prix and won many year end awards. Several of his offsprings have excelled in the show ring. Her dam is a registered APHA mare.

Sedona is very charming and good looking. Her conformation is very correct, she has a beautiful head and an almost stallion look alike round neck. She is a very personable, curious and sweet mare with good ground manners. She has three solid gaits with an excellent walk.

Sedona has been started rather late in her life and has been ridden western until she came to our barn May 1, 2016. Although she is new to dressage she is ready to be shown Training Level and she is schooling all First Level movements. Sedona also shows potential for jumping and is good on trails. At this time she is best suited for an ambitious amateur and is a prospect for a youth rider.

She loves her daily turnout, with or without other horses.

Sedona is healthy and sound and has no vices. She is still owned by her breeder.

Her owners are retiring from their horse breeding business and are very motivated to sell Sedona.

EUB Snickers WW – 2009 registered Dutch WB mare by UB 40

Sold – Congratulations to Christina Spencer, Williams, Oregon

EUB Snickers WW aka Snickers is a 2009, 16.1 h, chestnut, registered Dutch Warmblood mare.

Her sire, the KWPN stallion UB 40 (last two pictures of the slideshow), is one of the most sought after stallions. He is a successful FEI dressage horse and the sire of numerous Elite status approved mares and Premium foals. Snicker’s mother is a registered Thoroughbred mare.

Snicker’s sire truly put a stamp on her: she is a long lined, modern type riding horse with three solid and elastic gaits. She has a very sweet disposition, loves attention and has very good ground manners.

She has been lightly started under saddle, she was schooling training level dressage when she was in full training. Unfortunately Snickers developed a Hunter Bump early 2015. She had more than a year off (not all of it was her fault but also the owner’s personal situation) is completely sound now, has had some more time in full training and has made tremendous progress.

She is very well suited for dressage or interesting for the hunter ring. With her prestigious pedigree she is also an excellent brood mare prospect.

Due to personal circumstances her owner, who bought Snickers from the breeder, sadly offers her for a quick sale. At $ 6,500 Snickers is extremely reasonable priced for all the good things she has to offer. The price considers that she is fairly green for her age, on the other hand, you would not be able to purchase a horse her caliber for as little money as her asking price.

Truthorconsequences – An Amateur’s Dream.

Sold – Congratulations to Mariya Pitel, Corvallis, Oregon


Truthorconsequences aka Rudy is a 2003, 16.2 h., bay registered Thoroughbred gelding. His pedigree on his father’s side includes Northern Dancer, a Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes Winner and the most successful Thoroughbred sire of the 20th century.

Rudy’s stunning appearance turns heads! He has a well proportioned, correct conformation with a beautiful head and expressive eyes.

Rudy has three pure and correct gaits with an outstanding canter. He combines super basics, good ride ability and athleticism. He is totally amateur friendly to ride, sit and handle.

Rudy has excellent ground manners, is very sweet and affectionate, gets along fine with other horses and is safe on trails. He is just a pleasure to be with in and around the barn!

Rudy has been successfully competed by his owner’s 14 year old daughter in eventing. There he already showed his great potential for dressage, scoring as low as 26 % in the dressage phase (dressage peeps: in eventing the lower the score, the better). He has been in full dressage training since May 1, 2016, schooling all Second Level movements and has been introduced to changes. He is ready to show First Level now and Second Level later this season.

Rudy’s temperament is very well suited for an ambitious amateur, junior or young rider. His strength is dressage, but he loves occasional jumping.

He has absolutely no vices, is healthy and sound and is up to date on dental care, vaccinations and worming. A small set of x-rays available.